1″ Polygrip

polygrip diagram

Tip From Ernie:  Still pulling underground using a “Chinese Finger”?  Look at our 1″ poly pipe grip.  Most versatile grip on the market.  A one foot length of ply pipe can be adapted to a larger size poly, and adapted to PVC pipe.  We say it will never wear out, guaranteed.  But then there is this…a contractor drove to a job site 200 miles away and did not stow the grip.  He wore it out dragging it on the concrete road — sparks were flying!


1.  Cut a slit about 1 inch long to allow the pipe to flare up over the mandrel.  Push the pipe over the mandrel as far as it will go, then tug on the pipe.  The pipe is now securely gripped.


2.  Occasionally, vibrating plows kick back and strike the front end of the grip resulting in a release of the pipe.  Avoid this by slightly stepping on the pipe, keeping it taut until it is in the vibrated tunnel.

3.  Remove the pipe by tapping the front end of the grip against the blade or machine.  This will push the pipe and mandrel to the front stop.  Grip the mandrel, twist the pipe, and remove it.

Hints and Tips

1.  Using adapters, couplers, etc. to a short piece of 1 inch poly, you can pull PVC or larger diameter poly pipe provided the bullet will make the hole large enough.

2.  We recommend a lost motion device of 12 inch minimum of chain with clevis on each end to connect the grip to the bullet.

If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!  Return for a full refund!

BDC 3003  1″ Polygrip